Seasons of Life Audio

Audio - 20 Five-Minute Stories

Five-Minute Stories

Early memories.  Memories of the deceased.  Firsts and lasts, peaks and valleys, along life’s path.

1. "The Window."  On life stories and the meaning of your earliest memory.

2. "Then We Knew."  How genetic information impacted an expectant couple.

3. "Any Day Now."  Soon, two couples will have their first child.  Because their ages differ, so will the rest of their lives.

4. "Just Ask Jordan."  A baby formed an attachment to Nanna.  Where did that leave Mom and Dad?

5. "Hannah and Scuffy."  A boat leaves its bathtub for a trip down the river.  A girl leaves home for her first day of school.  It's the same story.

6. "The First Bike Ride."  Telling the story of yours?  Here are two indispensable rules.

7. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."  Mess with this 6-year-old with cerebral palsy and you get your butt kicked--by his 9-year-old bodyguard.

8. "A Piece of Cloud."  "God, would you mind wiping out my classmates?"  "God, what do you look like?"  The prayers of children.

9. "Just Runnin'."  Sometimes Tony cried.  Sometimes he got mad.  But mostly he didn't talk.

10. "A Stepfather's Story."  It wasn't what he expected.  Stepfamilies are just different.

11. "Being a Dad."  When your father turns his back on you, you never forget--especially when it's your turn to be the dad.

12. "That's All I Need to Know."  A musical savant--blind, epileptic, one hand paralyzed--harmonizes.

13. "A Dream Returns."  She kept it alive for 25 years.  When it called for expression, her family had to adjust.

14. "Thirty Years At the Game."  Sometimes the view from the top of the ladder isn't what you expected when you started the climb.

15. "Seasons of Sexuality."  A re-awakening in the 40s.  A pervasive sensuality in the 60s and 70s.  Eros changes in the course of life.

16. "The Fountain of Youth."  If you could drink from it, would you?  "No thanks," says an 82-year-old.

17. "What Adaline Adams Forgot."  She thought she had Alzheimer's but then she remembered something.

18. "At Times It's Scary."  The people in her life cover 200 years.  "Scary," says a great-grandmother.

19. "It Never Goes Away."  The pain of losing an adult child does not.  There are reminders everywhere, even from a hawk.

20. "A Family Remembers."  A story of escape lives on.  Its hero becomes a "great man," an "anchor."

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