Seasons of Life Video

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One-Hour Programs

The PBS series that premiered in 1990, hosted by David Hartman of ABC's Good Morning America.

Infancy and Early Childhood
1. "Infancy and Early Childhood"
Family stories await a newborn. Soon he'll hear them, remember, and begin to tell his own.

Childhood and Adolescence
2. "Childhood and Adolescence"
Off to school. New friends, new ways of thinking, new possibilities, new dangers. And the first life story.

Early Adulthood
3. "Early Adulthood"
Forming a Dream, seeing what reality does to it. Love. Work. Parenting. Responsibility. Our 20s and 30s.

Middle Adulthood
4. "Middle Adulthood"
What's become of the Dream? Is it too late to change the story? In our 40s and 50s we begin to think about legacy.

Late Adulthood
5. "Late Adulthood"
Tying up the strands of our story. Was it a good one? True to who we were? Can we still give it a better ending?

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