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Video - Five-Minute Portraits

Five-Minute Portraits

Youthful dreams and their fate. Loss, fresh starts, legacies. How it all turns out. Tales from adulthood.

The Graduate
1. "The Graduate"
What will adulthood bring? "My biggest fear is that I won't be successful," says Justin Miller, 21.

He's My Little World
2. "He's My Little World"
A single mother at 17, May-Ling Agosto is determined to beat the odds. She, too, is 21.

When I Was 20
3. "When I Was 20"
Early dreams gone, a "new room" discovered. Patti and Phil Wilson have recently turned 30.

Life After Football
4. "Life After Football"
Middle age came early for NFL quarterback Brian Sipe, 37. Now, "Nothing's stopping me."

College President
5. "College President"
Life in the "command generation." For Daniel Cheever, 45, there's inner and outer change.

The Dream Is Gone
6. "The Dream Is Gone"
When the steel mills closed, Matt Nort, 52, lost more than a job. All he wants is a chance.

I Know I Can
7. "I Know I Can"
Two years ago, Harriet Lyons, 59, lost everything. Then her daughter-in-law handed her the phone.

8. "Unbearable"
They lost their daughter to cancer. In their 50s, the Rylanders vowed to make her life matter.

The Door Is Still Open
9. "The Door Is Still Open"
They may be over 60, but the Crimis have no intention of closing the family's meat market.

Looking Up
10. "Looking Up"
Whether combing the skies or climbing a cliff, Lyman Spitzer is looking upward. At 74, he's "young-old."

A Gallery Party
11. "A Gallery Party"
"I'm curator to a career," says artist Minna Citron at 90. "It's a lot to take care of."

Life After Football
12. "The Soul of a Tree"
Not long before he died, master woodworker George Nakashima reflected on his search for simplicity.

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